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The art of efficient plastics recycling.

The art of efficient plastics recycling.

We have a clear ethos and a clear objective when it comes to recycling plastics. Nothing gets lost – every means of recovery is utilised to the full.
We put this into practice via intelligent concepts, cutting-edge technology, tailored logistics and a partnership-based approach to working with our clients. This enables us to establish efficient recycling flows with maximum value added and convert industrial plastic scrap – depending on its purity – into either processable resources or highly calorific substitute fuels for our national and international clients. Our work safeguards access to resources which would otherwise be lost and makes cost-effective substitute fuels available to replace fossil fuels which would otherwise be burnt. .

That means our recycling chains make a positive difference to both our clients and the climate.

Our substitute fuels:

The original is not always the best.

Our substitute fuels are not just highly calorific: they are also extremely clean. This makes them more than just a substitute for coal, heavy oil or gas – they are a better, more cost-effective, lower-carbon alternative.

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Our plastics:

How production scrap is turned into a new phone.

We assess the quantity and quality of each plastic we receive for recycling. If it is suitable for reuse as input stock for production, we convert it into pure regrind or other processable forms. This turns it into a resource which might just be used to make your next phone.

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Our waste disposal consultancy:

Good advice helps create new resources from scrap.

What you still think of as scrap today can be turned into a valuable resource tomorrow, both saving you costs and reclaiming raw materials for your production cycle. Our experienced waste disposal specialists will explain how and where you can achieve optimisations following an expert analysis.

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