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Our recycling concept

Our recycling concept: Nothing gets lost.

Efficient plastics recycling helps to protect the environment. It also makes good economic sense. We help to reduce consumption of mineral oil – a resource which is becoming increasingly scarce. We also relieve pressure on the environment by returning processed plastics to production cycles or supplying them as substitutes for fossil fuels.
With our substitute fuels alone, we save over 120,000 tonnes of brown or hard coal from being used in industrial combustion processes every year, for example in cement or lime production. Even the ash that is produced when our substitute fuels are burnt has another use: it replaces 12,000 tonnes of raw ground limestone at cement plants each year. This improves our clients’ sustainability footprint and conserves the resources they need for manufacturing. That is what we call the energenta principle: Nothing gets lost.

We do this by drawing up an individual recycling concept for each of our clients. First, we assess the quantity and quality of the resources which arise as waste. This enables us to identify which are suitable for materials recycling or thermal recovery. Using this as a starting point, we then develop a corresponding logistics solution which is local, efficient and cost-conscious. Once our tender has been successful, we introduce the recycling concept into the company’s processes. Working as a partner, we constantly provide training and advice to make sure that the process runs quickly and smoothly. We ensure problem-free operations long-term by means of accompanying quality controls, feedback meetings and fine-tuning.