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All-round disposal. With our comprehensive concept.

Our waste disposal consultation will show you all opportunities available to you for optimally recycling your production scrap. What’s more: in the ideal case you will benefit from new raw materials and cost savings at the same time.

After an in-person assessment at your premises, we will develop a comprehensive concept based on your ideas, the statutory requirements and our expertise. This also includes the logistical capabilities to ensure a smooth waste disposal cycle. With our experienced partners Kockmann and Köllmann, we can offer you the full transport portfolio to meet your needs.

In our experience, correct separation is the simplest and most cost-effective means of optimising scrap. This ensures that different materials and qualities are allocated to a linear recycling process from the very outset so that they can be fed back into a sustainable production cycle.
No matter where you personally want to start discussing your new waste disposal concept – we are here for you and look forward to an initial no-obligation chat.